Letter to the Editor

Venomous verbiage

NipomoNovember 5, 2012 

I look again at the smiling photo of your columnist, Bob Cuddy, on the front page of your Sunday Local section (Oct. 28). He appears pleasant and reasonable. Imagine my shock to find that he is neither!

His venomous verbiage blasts Mitt Romney as a liar and a bully, and he expresses concern about Romney’s possible effect on foreign policy. What a joke in light of the 9/11 attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya, lasting seven hours and causing the deaths of our ambassador and three American military heroes!

This, in spite of their pleas for help, while President Obama and his administration looked on, doing nothing to assist them. All Americans should be asking how this senseless loss could happen. It is an outrage!

In answer to Cuddy’s question, “Do we really want this guy to be president?” I do ... without a doubt! Go Mitt!

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