Letter to the Editor

A 'concerned citizen'

Morro BayNovember 5, 2012 

I am bewildered by the endorsement by the North County Tea Party of Barbara George for Cuesta College Board of Trustees. Why would an organization that opposes the tax increase (Proposition 30) which, if not passed, plunges Cuesta deeper into its crippling debt, endorse Barbara George, who supposedly supports Proposition 30?

Maybe it’s just part of the inconsistency of our local politics. We say that we want new people in public service, then we elect insiders who are part of the problem. Accreditation panels have been critical of the Cuesta College Foundation, which Barbara George ran, for supporting an overly aggressive building program despite declining student enrollment. That “group think” has put Cuesta on the brink of financial collapse.

David Baldwin is a better choice for this position. He’s a lifelong member of our community who has a background in capable financial stewardship and a willingness to serve. He’s not an insider, just a concerned citizen. Isn’t that what we want?

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