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Thank you for memorials

SunnyvaleNovember 4, 2012 

Christopher Meadows Memorial Highway was dedicated Friday at the Madonna Inn.


Three and a half years ago, we lost our son and brother, Christopher Meadows, in an accident at Oceano Dunes. As many remember, Chris was killed while going to someone’s aid as a volunteer for the Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue unit on May 24, 2009. Some have called him a hero, but he was quite simply doing what he loved. He was doing what he had signed up to do.

What is most amazing to us about this tragedy is how this community has responded. The outpouring of support you have unselfishly given to keep Chris’ memory alive is truly unbelievable.

Remembrances in Chris’ honor have been created at the Sheriff’s Department, Search and Rescue, Cal Poly and most recently, on Highway 101, a portion of which was dedicated as the

We want you to know that these memorials mean the world to us.

We know they wouldn’t exist without a strong and caring community, which, in part, gets its strength from acknowledging the individuals who contribute to it.

Chris made San Luis Obispo his home since moving here to attend Cal Poly in 2003 until his death. He loved it here, and it is clear why.

Thank you for all your support.

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