Letter to the Editor

His personal opinion

AtascaderoNovember 4, 2012 

I don’t know what Bob Cuddy was watching when he wrote his about the presidential debates, but he clearly was not seeing what the majority of people watching the debates saw. Cuddy’s accusation that Mitt Romney is a “bully and a relentless and spectacular liar” is not only insulting, but totally wrong. This diatribe should not have been allowed on the local news section, since it is his twisted personal opinion and factually wrong.

This personal attack by Mr. Cuddy is typical of the liberal strategy to avoid talking about the failed policies and miserable record of President Obama. Liberals instead try to defame their opponents by lies and false charges. The reality is that even the liberal mainstream media fact-checked that debate and found Romney to be much more factual than the president, who came off as arrogant and condescending. This endless cover-up for a president who has been an abysmal failure and is leading America in the wrong direction will not save him from the hard-working voter who is tired of his lying and Chicago politics. Vote Romney!

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