Letter to the Editor

The voice of Pismo

Pismo BeachNovember 2, 2012 

I am part of a group of concerned citizens dedicated to protecting Price Canyon. We are deeply concerned that the current Pismo Beach City Council and three of the planning commissioners are so actively determined to add 700 residents, a hotel, a conference center and a golf course to Pismo Beach, when the population of Pismo has been shrinking over the past 10 years.

The city is wearing blinders to the fact that Pismo doesn’t have the water, can’t mitigate the traffic, and that the majority of the residents don’t want it and don’t need it.

To the residents of Pismo Beach: If you want a voice, then vote for Sheila Blake and Erik Howell for City Council. They will listen to you.

One candidate who is also a present planning commissioner, DJ White, has campaign signs proudly displayed on two of the Price Canyon developers’ properties. The fact that he has taken the largest campaign donation from one of the Price Canyon developers speaks volumes. The incumbent has also demonstrated that he is working on behalf of the developers, not his constituents. Ed Waage and DJ White have the backs of the developers. Vote for Sheila and Erik, they will have your back.

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