Letter to the Editor

Keep Pismo strong

Shell BeachNovember 1, 2012 

The main issues in Pismo Beach are: finances, long-range planning, expansion and water. It is imperative that someone running for council know the facts if they are to govern well. Pismo Beach is, according to the governor’s office, one of only six financially solid cities in the entire state. Our present council deserves thanks for this stability and for its ongoing plan ning to keep us that way. The current council also deserves accolades for assuring Pismo Beach has more stable water sources than any city within hundreds of miles, plenty to permit future expansion and in-fill. Despite cries of alarm from those with little knowledge of interagency relationships, Pismo has excellent relations with neighboring cities and state agencies; differences of opinion are inevitable and a sign of strength, not mismanagement — as some claim.

Those of us who went to the unfortunately poorly attended meet-the-candidates night are aware of how badly informed three of the candidates were. Please vote for Ed Waage and DJ White for council. Keep Pismo Beach one of the best run cities in the state.

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