Letter to the Editor

Keep Ed Eby

NipomoNovember 1, 2012 

Ed Eby has helped to provide stable and practical guidance as a director of the Nipomo Community Services District at a time when the shortcomings of our natural water supply are being recognized. For more than two decades, the Nipomo Mesa has been consum ing water faster than the natural groundwater replenishment rate can sustain. Consequently, the long-term trend in the water table is downward. This information is from the Nipomo Mesa Management Area Technical Group, the only court-empowered analysis group for the area.

Ed has supported the Santa Maria pipeline as the most cost-effective resolution of this problem, which will be studied again, this time by an independent citizens group.

Ed Eby’s experience in technical management will be essential for incorporating the results into a workable and economically viable plan. Check out Ed’s site at http://EdEby4NCSD.org.

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