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Manata supported

Paso RoblesNovember 1, 2012 

After citing questionable qualifications endorsing re-election of Katcho Achadjian for Assembly District 33, The Tribune continues with numerous reasons not to re-elect.

I did a quick review of Achadjian’s voting record, and, it seems, an overarching trend emerged that doesn’t look good for the rest of us. He voted against limiting use of your credit history as a criterion for employment; against justification for health insurance hikes; against regulation of sales of alcohol to minors and already intoxicated people (in off-site “stores”); against safety controls/reporting of hydraulic fracturing; against prohibiting sales of expired baby food and OTC drugs; against controls of renting unsafe (recalled) cars. There’s lots more at California government pages.

And, that’s just consumer-related issues. Concerned voters will find more questionable votes regarding our precious California conservation/environment (e.g., recycling, right to clean water) at League of Conservation Voters ( http://www.ecovote.org  ).

We’re fortunate to finally have a choice this cycle: Gerald Manata!

We need a fresh, honest, “un-embedded,” and, yes, experienced Assembly member. With Gerald Manata in Sacramento, we won’t have to learn repeatedly or be fearful of how our safety/well-being has been compromised.

Please vote for Gerald Manata. His website: http://manataforassembly.org.

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