Letter to the Editor

2 faces of local GOP

San Luis ObispoOctober 31, 2012 

Mr. John Peschong, you can’t have it both ways. In Sunday’s Tribune (Oct. 28) your words and your actions don’t match up.

You wrote one article in Voices where you railed against the evil of corporate and union interests in campaigns as you urged a yes vote on Proposition 32.

Conversely, in the second article, which was on the front page (“Vision, fundraising lifts profile of SLO GOP group”), you speak proudly of how your local group is affecting statewide races by donating millions of dollars.

The Tribune notes that the major contributors of these dollars are pharmaceutical companies, Republican candidates, American Indian tribes and insurance companies.

This contradicts your populous rhetoric regarding Proposition 32, where you eloquently urge to “take power from the hands of union bosses, corporate executives and special interest lobbyists and put it back in the hands of taxpayers, smallbusiness owners and California families.”

Which way is it going to be? Are you and the SLO Republican Central Committee beholden to the special interests you rail against (you also wrote “the special interests will do anything to protect the status quo that benefits them”), or are you truly a champion of the people concerned about the average citizen? I suggest that your actions clearly support the former.

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