Come back to Earth, Cuddy

NipomoOctober 29, 2012 

Aliens are among us, and posing as journalists. How else to account for Bob Cuddy’s otherworldly assessment of Romney as the bully in the last debate? In truth it was the liberal Candy Crowley who was the bully. She had no business interjecting herself into the debate to defend Obama. 

Liberals are desperate to tag Romney with something. Doonesbury goes back to Romney’s college days to ridicule him; Cuddy goes back to an incident half a century ago. I’d much rather have a bit of a bully in the White House who will brook no nonsense from America’s enemies than a Marxist president who continues to bend over backwards to appease Muslims. America may be the only force preventing the world from descending into total chaos.

Obama, who wants America to be just another country at the table of nations, still doesn’t understand that.

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