Letter to the Editor

Cuesta is better

Paso RoblesOctober 29, 2012 

I am writing to you in response to David Pecci’s letter regarding Allan Hancock College (Sept. 3). I’ve completed coursework at both Allan Hancock College and Cuesta College, after I received a bachelor’s degree from Sacramento State. In regard to my personal experience, I believe Cuesta College offers a much greater quality of education than Allan Hancock.

Educators at Cuesta College are truly masters in their fields, and very effective in communicating their experiences and expertise to their students. These individuals will bend over backward to ensure their students walk away with a premier education, allowing them ample time to meet outside class, as well.

Educational institutions with the means to make tutelage more available to people are empowered to do so, as long as their sole purpose is the transference of knowledge and quality skills. Enabling students to succeed is the prerogative of Cuesta. Convenience is not a good reason to attend an educational institution; therefore, I would drive twice as far to attend Cuesta College.

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