Letter to the Editor

We have much to lose

Los OsosOctober 28, 2012 

Last week, about 12 a.m., I felt the ground move. It was the magnitude-5.3 earthquake near King City, which was also felt at the Diablo Canyon Power Plant. We know that we are sitting on a fault that is moving, but nobody can predict when and how big the next quake will be. We do not need any study for that.

We already know the outcome because the shareholders of PG&E want to continue to keep that plant open. Remember Japan and what could happen here in a big earthquake. Why not use all that money to put windmills near the ocean instead of storing radioactive material there? Because we have to pay for it, we should be the ones to decide that.

If there is an earthquake, shareholders only lose their money, but we will lose our land, homes and livelihood and maybe our lives as well. Testing could kill thousands of sea creatures, washing them ashore to smell up our beaches and kill the fishing and tourism industries. Contact your representatives and the Coastal Commission about this expensive testing and keep California green and clean.

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