Letter to the Editor

It's the majority view

Arroyo GrandeOctober 28, 2012 

Ralph Bush (letters, Oct. 21) is upset the Dems are registering more voters than the Limbaugh gang. I guess it has not dawned on him that the majority of people see the need to raise taxes and that we do need regulations. He needs to fess up to the fact of what happened when George W. Bush gave the green light to Wall Street.

He goes on to complain about how he as a fiscal conservative is having a uphill fight because of the “liberal media.” Could this uphill fight be because the majority of us understand the current situation and see conservative thinking as doing nothing to help the cause?

He finishes up asking how someone could vote for a school nurse over a successful businessman and farmer. I went to Google and found that Lois Capps has a bachelor’s degree in nursing, a master’s degree from Yale, a master’s from UCSB, 20 years as a public school nurse and health worker, 14 years in Congress, and has co-chaired many caucuses in Congress. Then I Googled Abel Maldonado. He graduated from Cal Poly, went to work for his dad and grew more strawberries. Let’s not even go into his unpaid taxes.

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