Mother, son arrested after allegedly punching driver, beating car with bat

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Irene Martinez, 39, was arrested Friday, Oct. 26, 2012, on suspicion of driving under the influence, battery and child endangerment. Original story »

A Paso Robles woman was arrested by the CHP on Friday after an alleged road-rage incident in which she struck another driver with her fist, and her son took a baseball bat to the man’s car, breaking windows and shattering glass onto a 3-year-old.

Irene Martinez, 39, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, battery and child endangerment. She was booked into San Luis Obispo County Jail in lieu of posting $100,000 bail.

Her son, 19-year-old Drake Romeo Anaya, was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism and child endangerment. He was also booked into County Jail in lieu of posting $100,000 bail.

According to the CHP, the following occurred:

Martinez was headed south on Highway 101 at 8:30 a.m. at high speed and cut off another driver, Randall Griffin. Both vehicles exited the freeway at Highway 46 West. At the end of the off-ramp, Griffin, Martinez and Anaya began yelling threats to each other. Martinez and Anaya got out of their vehicle to confront Griffin, who got into his vehicle and attempted to leave.

Griffin could not get his vehicle into gear, allowing Martinez to come up to his open driver’s side window and hit him with a fist. Anaya, meanwhile, retrieved an aluminum baseball bat from his mother’s car and began hitting Griffin’s vehicle. He made several dents and broke several windows. Glass fragments and debris struck a 3-year-old child in the back seat of Griffin’s vehicle. The child’s mother, seated in the front passenger seat, was uninjured. Also uninjured were Martinez’s two children in the back seat of her vehicle, ages 7 and 8.

CHP and Paso Robles police responded to the scene and arrested Martinez and Anaya. Griffin declined medical treatment for himself and the 3-year-old, and Griffin was not arrested. San Luis Obispo County Child Protective Services personnel took custody of Martinez’s children.

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