Letter to the Editor

Political climate

Los OsosOctober 25, 2012 

Politicians appear to be allergic to the words “climate change.” The scientific reality of the phenomenon has presented itself repeatedly over the last decade. Slow but steady greenhouse gas buildup caused by the burning of fossil fuels coal, oil and gas is a real threat to the well-being of future generations.

Not only environmentalists, but analysts from the U.S. military to the insurance industry are warning that extreme weather, ecological damage and rising sea levels will impose painful costs on our economy in the coming decades unless we act now. Wind energy and other forms of renewable power generation can lessen that impact. Solutions exist, but politicians cannot solve these issues without our help.

For more information on one of these solutions, please check out Citizens Climate Lobby for more information. This group organizes citizen volunteers across North America to lobby their elected representatives in order to build the political will for responsible legislative action to halt climate change and speed the transition to a clean green economy.

The transition from fossil fuels to solar and other green energy may be our biggest challenge yet. Solutions have been put forth to the House of Representatives, now they need to hear from us.

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