Make it a fair fight

Arroyo GrandeOctober 22, 2012 

I just read in The Tribune that Democrats are very happy with online voter registration as they are registering more Democrats than Republicans. Just what we need, more Democrats who will elect more liberals who will usher in more regulations and raise taxes when poor California is already bankrupt and drowning with at least $167 billion and up to $335 billion in red ink. It is this scenario that is causing five businesses a week to leave California and that shrinks the tax base, leaving us with more debt.

Americans appreciate an even fight. If they go to a football game and find that the refs are overtly favoring one team over another, they pack up and leave — and that is what is happening in the political world. Those of us who are fiscally conservative have an uphill fight as we must make our case in spite of a liberal media and a very liberal editor and columnists in our local Tribune. In this time of fiscal crisis how could you ever think of endorsing a school nurse over a successful businessman and farmer?

I swear, if Rush Limbaugh were running for office and had a “D” next to his name you would endorse him.

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