Letter to the Editor

Biden the clown

Grover BeachOctober 16, 2012 

The pundits say that voters do not elect vice presidents; therefore, not many watched the televised debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. However, I like to see the character of all our elected officials. I am a senior citizen and try to be wholly informed. Thus, I tuned in.

I was embarrassed that Vice President Biden denigrated himself and the office that he currently holds by acting the fool. He was arrogant, rude and displayed absolute disdain not only for Congressman Ryan’s ideas, but for the young man himself. Regardless of party affiliation, Biden did not recognize the dignity that Ryan deserves. Vice President Biden behaved like the “old goat” guarding his flock from the young, virile “usurper.”

I would rather have seen a more distinguished vice president expressing serious solutions to serious situations, taking the “buck stops here” attitude rather than blaming other departments in his own administration for failures that he claims to have known nothing about. When you vote, remember that the laughing, mugging vice presidential clown that performed on television for the world to see could be a heartbeat away from being our president.

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