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South Bay center sets fun, games

San Luis Obispo - The TribuneOctober 14, 2012 

‘Let the Games Begin” launches a new outreach and community event this week at the South Bay Community Center.

Free and open to the public, a family game night is scheduled from 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday and is intended for all ages — parents, grandparents and children — to turn off the television and video games and enjoy laughs and a neighborhood get-together.

Event Chairwoman Anne Tiber has enjoyed game night with friends for years. As publicity chairman for the community center, she wants to share the concept with other families in the Los Osos-Baywood neighborhoods.

Planned as a monthly event, she explained, “People can bring a favorite game to share or there will be tables already set up for chess and canasta. Scrabble, Upwards, Mexican Train and other domino games, Sequence, poker, mah-jongg — there are endless possibilities of card games, as well. Someone might even want to introduce a new game.”

New director Tim Staggers remarked he hoped this concept might catch on to become a weekly event.

“We want the center to become better known as a gathering center — a place for people to meet and greet their neighbors.”

The South Bay center is wholly supported by the community with fundraising events and rental fees for community-based activities. The arts, crafts and collectibles fair scheduled for Nov. 24 is booking sellers, or individuals may schedule weddings, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions and fundraisers, such as an Oct. 20 event to help a cancer victim.

Longtime director Dick Pacaoan wanted to remind local seniors to go to the Los Osos Rotary’s annual free Thanksgiving dinner Nov. 13.

“SBCC is a resource center for our community, but often perceived as a senior center,” said newly appointed director Dee Corcoran. “Certainly we have many activities for seniors, but we are more than that, and with new energy on our board, we want our community to know this is everyone’s center to use.”

Weekly activities include senior lunch, Bear Valley Quilters, folk dancing, food distribution, Weight Watchers, health clinics and Tuesday Kiwanis bingo. Other activity ideas are welcome.

Director Jerri Walsh anticipates that remodeling behind the stage, to be done once funding is secured, will allow People Helping People to store loaner equipment such as wheelchairs and larger food items. It will also provide a dressing room for brides and a green room for musicians.

Director Phyllis Cameron knows things are happening at the center with an energetic board for 2012-13. Other members are President Peter Starling, Carol Danielson, Joan Anderson and Carol Moore.

For more information, call Tiber at 534-1501 or manager Rosemarie Arnold at 528-4169.

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