Letter to the Editor

Unrelenting reminders

AtascaderoOctober 10, 2012 

Much of the media is attempting to explain President Barack Obama’s anemic first debate performance by claiming that he is merely out of practice, was consumed by the burdens of office, failed to attend enough security briefings, watching too much MSNBC or perhaps the rarefied atmosphere of the mile-high altitude of Denver gave him altitude sickness. Attending too many fundraisers, preoccupation with his 20th wedding anniversary or maybe all of these things could have been responsible.

The most likely explanation is simply Mitt Romney’s unrelenting reminders of the president’s performance record of the past four years in office, especially the first two years that included a Democratic and totally compliant Congress.

California always goes Democratic, so the Republican as well as the Democratic parties do not need to spend any campaign money in this state — how nice for them!

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