Letter to the Editor

Paso ballot confusing

Paso RoblesOctober 10, 2012 

I recently received my ballot for the 2012 elections in Paso Robles. If this city wanted to cause voter confusion with the sales tax measures E-12 and F-12 — mission accomplished.

We will be voting for a general tax in November, E-12. The pros for this measure wrote in favor of this tax to fix roads only. That is a specific tax, not a general tax. Sorry, guys, you have no control over how the money will be spent. It is going to the general fund.

The F-12 measure is voting to have an advisory team to recommend how the city spends its money if this sales tax is passed.

If the pros for this already spent the money on roads, according to their pro argument for F-12, why do you need an advisory committee? Sorry, guys, you have no control over how this money will be spent. It is going to the general fund.

A specific tax for roads would have ensured the money collected would go for roads. That is what the residents wanted. You decided you didn’t want to go for a two-thirds vote for a specific tax, so you voted for a general tax.

Now stop trying to dupe the voters.

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