Letter to the Editor

Baldwin for Cuesta

Cuesta College faculty member, Morro BayOctober 9, 2012 

The Cuesta College Board has consistently approved construction for more campus facilities and buyout contracts from unsatisfactory administrators. In order to pay the loans for these approvals, the administration is proposing cuts to programs, employee compensation and positions.

It is important for us to avoid letting this board continue to make these errors. David Baldwin, a current board candidate, is an active community member who serves on two employee pension trustee boards. He has taken the time to attend trustee training courses that teach how to maintain an objective focus. Part of his platform is to support the community vocational programs that meet the needs of the employers in the county.

Cuesta needs a trustee who will take the time to investigate, listen, and make objective decisions. As part of his commitment to investigate and listen, Baldwin has committed to holding monthly office hours on campus.

David Baldwin is a trustee who has a history of working to honor the fiduciary responsibilities of the board. It is nice to have beautiful buildings; however, buildings that are empty due to program cuts are a waste of money, time and effort.

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