Letter to the Editor

A message of peace

Grover BeachOctober 5, 2012 

We are sorry that, in his Sept. 28 letter, Mr. Will Power found a hidden threat in the Viewpoint by Naiyerah Kolkailah, a very peaceful person. The emotional response of some Muslims to an amateurish video demeaning their prophet may be hard for the western mind to comprehend, particularly in light of the plethora of character-assassinating ads on television during the election season.

If, however, politics can stir the emotions to the extent it does, imagine the response when the topic concerns one’s immortal soul. Apparently Mr. Power read only the part he chose to misinterpret, and not the message of peace to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. We encourage him to reread this straightforward message of peace and accommodation (Sept. 24, “Follow prophet’s example”) and not try to find something threatening hidden between the lines. There is no threat there.

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