Letter to the Editor

On Pismo candidates

TempletonOctober 5, 2012 

The invocation discussion in Pismo Beach has been overlooked by most Pismo candidates. The current council and city manager decided to keep invocations during council meetings and denied the request of an atheist group’s request to stop invocations.

As a North County resident moving to Shell Beach very soon, I would almost reconsider the move knowing a leader on the City Council is not respecting a portion of the population’s belief system. In my opinion, a leader should respect everyone’s opinions and views. I hope during this election that some candidates would stand up for all people of different religions, sexual identities, genders and races.

I think candidates who are involved in our community should be elected. I know that Eric Howell has mentioned being on the Lucia Mar school board, but he has not widely shared actions he has done. Kevin Kreowski served our nation with the Border Patrol, and D.J. White volunteers coaching in local schools. This type of community dedication is what I seek when determining who I vote for.

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