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Letters to the Editor Oct. 4

The CambrianOctober 4, 2012 

Journal agrees

Looks like some readers believe my critique of “2016: Obama’s America” lacks credibility because it  was based on reviews from the L.A. Times, N.Y. Times, Washington Post, Associated Press and Variety. According to these readers, all of those sources are considered to be “polarized to the left” and “backs Obama, no matter what.”

OK. How about a review from Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal — a publication that’s  probably never been accused of being left-wing.

According to the Journal, “The documentary (“2016: Obama’s America”) is not going to be mistaken by anyone for dispassionate analysis, and it has been slammed by many reviewers as biased against President Barack Obama. Rather, the movie is likely to appeal to viewers who are already in the Romney camp.”

Bill Lakin


Follow the money

Wizard of Oz to Dorothy: “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

Follow the money. The producer of “2016: Obama’s America” is Gerald Moellen, a prominent LDS member. Producers facilitate financing and production of many types of films. When you want to look behind the curtain, use Internet sources such as IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) and Wikipedia for biography information.

Fact checking can be done at several sites such as Snopes. Use your critical thinking, read the book(s) yourself, form your opinions by not basing what news sources tell you in a 30-second sound bite.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and to their beliefs.

Jan Ostermann


Smoke is harmful

Cancer and lung disease are getting to be an epidemic now in our North Coast area.

A month ago we all received a newsletter from our San Simeon Community Service District informing us that we have the right to burn our old fireplaces, “out-dated old Code of 1993” and burn as much wood as we wanted to.

Now some of the SSCSD members, along with a hotel manager, and many of the part-time people who own property in our community, do not live here year-round. Therefore, they would not be concerned with our bad air pollution as a health issue. They do not have to breathe dirty air from wood smoke, night after night, and all day long.

Our flyers and notices that the SSCSD so complained about in the newsletter do not spread dangerous toxins throughout their homes. The flyers were to inform the residents of the danger of exposure to wood smoke.

They would not want us to drink dirty water. So why would they want to force the residents of the community to breathe bad air pollution all the time?

We spend a great deal of money on our Waste Water Treatment Plant with salary increases and maintenance and now we have the SSCSD telling us we should live with dirty air or leave the area.

Wood smoke, like cigarette smoke, is a large contributor to all forms of cancer, heart disease and respiratory problems. My oncologist tells me all the time that we must stop the cause of these deadly diseases. There is new research connecting wood smoke to Alzheimer’s and dementia.

People as young as 50 years old are now being diagnosed with this terrible disease.

People are being told that they have the right to burn wood all the time, but we do not have the right to do harm that causes anyone to suffer the pain that those “rights” cause to others.

We have our beautiful freedom. Thank you, America. We must never, never abuse it, or use it wrongfully, or we will lose it. Stop the wood smoke. There is nothing good about it.

Anne Hiegert

San Simeon

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