Letter to the Editor

On Mason’s mistrial

Paso RoblesOctober 3, 2012 

John Ryan Mason’s mistrial ended with the jury 8-4 in favor of acquittal? I don’t get it.

No, I wasn’t in Pappy McGregor’s and I didn’t sit in on the trial and hear and see all the evidence. However, what I read in your paper clearly depicts a citizen who was severely beaten. I get defending yourself. What I don’t get is “defending yourself” by beating someone to a pulp.

This was more than a bar fight. This was a person with a vendetta making a statement by beating a person to unconsciousness and walking away uninjured. Attorney Chris Casciola stated in The Tribune, “Had my client not been a firefighter, this case would not have gone to trial.”

I will suggest: Had Mr. Mason not been a San Luis Obispo fireman, the jury would have come back 12-0 for conviction.

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