Man wields knife at Cal Poly parking lot, slashes at passerby

September 27, 2012 

An earlier version of this story gave the incorrect time of the incident. It happened just after midnight.

A man wielding a knife tried to injure a passerby after demanding all his belongings just after midnight Thursday, according to Cal Poly officials.

The victim, who was visiting a friend at Mustang Village, was not a Cal Poly student. He said he was walking to his car – on the third-floor of the parking structure, when he noticed a man looking into vehicles. The victim was approached by the suspect, who pulled out a knife and demanded all the victim’s belongings.

The victim said he didn't have any belongings, then the suspect slashed at the victim, cutting his shirt and leaving a scratch on the victim’s chest. The two men briefly struggled until the suspect fled, running towards the main entrance of the parking structure. The victim followed. The suspect was seen going towards Truckee Road, leaving Poly Canyon Village.

The victim received minor injuries and declined treatment.

The suspect is as a very thin white male about 6 feet tall. He wore a gray hooded sweatshirt-style jacket and faded blue jeans with rips and holes. The suspect had light brown, disheveled hair, was clean-shaven, and appeared to be in his mid-20s.

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