September 18, 2012 

Ad Placement & Newspaper Advertising

Advertise your items for sale, products, services and place public announcements in The Tribune and

Do you want to advertise a garage sale, place a wedding announcement or sell something? Place an online Classifieds ad or a print newspaper ad.

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Display Advertising
Do you have an advertising budget, and are you looking for a mid- to long-term advertising relationship? Are you looking to purchase online banner ads or large print display ads?

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Place an online Classifieds ad or advertise in the newspaper.

Newspaper Print & Online Ads

  • Target locally based, qualified leads in print
  • Prints ads are included in online Classifieds
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Online-Only Classified Ads

  • Add photos to enrich your ad's appeal to buyers
  • Provide details to describe your ad's features
  • Track the number of people who view your ad
  • Target locally based qualified leads online
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Display Advertising

Advertise in The Tribune with a local, regional or national account.

Print and Online Ads and Sponsorships

Examples of Banner/Rich Media ads
To view the advertising possibilities on, view our Online Media Kit here.

Display advertising in The Tribune
Electronic submission guidelines
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Online Classifieds

Get placed in top online classified ad sections and the local newspaper, as well as national advertising with our partners. 805-781-7833
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