Letter: Applause for Theaterfest

NipomoSeptember 16, 2012 

As I exited the Severson Theater at the end of PCPA’s opening night of “Three Sisters,” I happened to walk beside another awestruck patron, and we exchanged a few words: “Like a deep well,” and “So many outlooks, which is true?” Then our eyes met in reply, and nodding in agreement, we spoke in unison, “All of them.”

The rich and challenging work of Anton Chekhov (1860-1904) superbly executed by director Roger DeLaurier and methodically embodied with the full team of PCPA’s talented professional artists, came to fruition for me in this brief exchange with a stranger. For in the immediate swirling afterglow of this rich drama, I shared a moment of divine camaraderie a with fellow traveler into the strange complexity of our human condition.

Tell me, who could ask for more from a night at our local theater? Bravo PCPA Theaterfest for producing theater at it’s most challenging! Go, drink from this deep well, if you dare!

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