iPads distributed: Technology breakthrough helps middle school students learn

September 13, 2012 

Coast Unified School District is the first in San Luis and Santa Barbara counties to issue iPads to every Student. This last week, Santa Lucia Middle School students all received iPads. Why? Because last year sixth graders test-piloted iPads and proved that middle school students can handle this amazing technology. “Technology is moving fast,” said John Calandro, Santa Lucia Middle School principal, “and will benefit our students greatly.” At school the morning after students received the iPads, at least 30 kids were huddled around the lockers experimenting with their iPads. Eighth-grade student Thor Ronemus said, “I love my new iPad, it makes homework so much easier!” Another advantage the iPads offer is that it has an awesome application called Edmodo, which allows teachers to post homework on the Internet. Henry Danielson, Coast Unified School District director of technology, said, “The iPads will change the way our kids think, learn, compute, use technology, and engage with their environment.”

— By Will Stephenson, Nick Roper and Thor Ronemus, Santa Lucia Middle School students

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