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The topic of drought-tolerant lawns isn’t a dry one

UC Master GardenerSeptember 12, 2012 

Find out about the different types of grasses that can be grown locally at the Master Gardeners Workshop on Saturday.

If you’re interested in learning more about turf replacement, plan to attend the next Advice to Grow By Workshop held by Master Gardeners of San Luis Obispo at 10 a.m. Saturday.

Bring a comfortable chair, a notepad and be prepared to learn how to replace your water-guzzling lawn with a drought-tolerant variety.

Though drought tolerance may sound like a dry topic, grass alternatives have become a foundation to many gardeners. Each grass has a unique personality, and though many decry them as the plainest of the horticultural categories, their gentle presence and stalwart framework eventually wins over the most decided of hearts. Gardeners looking for a thing of practicality find alternative grasses easier to care for and less expensive at the spigot.

This month’s discussion highlights five native grasses and four Mediterraneanclimate grasses. The Garden of the Seven Sisters has been truly experimental by demonstrating various grasses in multiple scenarios. One segment of the garden shows the difference between the grasses when they are mowed compared to when they are left to grow naturally. Another section exhibits three different hydrozones. One plot is watered once a week, another is watered once every two weeks and one group is watered once every three weeks. A description and brief history of each grass will round out the lecture. The workshop will be held in the Garden of the Seven Sisters, 2156 Sierra Way. Dress comfortably, bring sunscreen and water, and please park in the lot adjacent to the demonstration garden. Most of all, enjoy!

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