Letters to the Editor Sept. 6 - 12

September 6, 2012 

New resting spot

O n Aug. 17 a new replacement bench was placed on the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve here in town. It is to replace the damaged bench on the jeep trail at the top of the preserve.

The bench is in the form of a beautiful sculpture of dolphins. It is being donated by its creators Jay and Pat Burbank.

I would like express my gratitude to the Burbanks for their gift to the community and encourage everyone to see this gift.

John Zinke Cambria

‘Obama’s America’

I just saw “2016 Obama’s America.” I was relieved that the usual accusations were not in the documentary.

I understand who he is and why he believes in the path he wants for America. I don’t agree with him, but now I understand him better.

I believe every American should see it. Failing to do so would be denying your intelligence to understand him.

David T. Manion Cambria


For him or against him, every American should see “2016,” produced by the same people who produced “Schindler’s List.” It is a documentary dominated by President Obama reading from his autobiography.

Know what change you are voting for.

Kate Duffy Cambria

Firesafe clearing

While some residents are thinning all their shrubs and trees, so as to make sparks from a fire not catch and ignite in them, and to make viewing and walking access easier for firepersons, there are some big exceptions to this process.

One example is the 90 percent dead tree of enormous dimension lying down above the church on lower Hillcrest. It has a “for sale” sign on it! It will probably serve as kindling for all the thick shrubbery along the Hillcrest embankment on the same side.

Some of Cambria lots are beautifully cleared for fire safety; the owners of the Hillcrest sidehill lots could do thinking, at least, for the safety of all the Pine Knolls houses and residents above them. Our officials should be demanding this.

Vivian Thompson Cambria

Think outside box

The education system in California is a mess. Passing tax increases to pour more money into a hemorrhaging system is not a solution. The Tribune’s editorial board needs to think outside the conventional education box and explore more creative ideas.

Show me how you are going to spend the money, and then I will think about it.

Steve Kniffen Cambria

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