Letters to the Editor Aug. 9 - 15

August 9, 2012 

Town’s family values

T he dark shadow of hate fell on Cambria Wednesday.

Outside the Bank of America they stood.

Holding a filthy sign. Spewing hatred, calling people communists.

Pushing their fingers into dissenters faces. Taking pictures of those who disagreed with them.

All the while being protected by police.

Hatred is not a Cambrian family value.

We are not like this, Cambrians use their power at the ballot box.

We use our time, money and creativity to make positive change in our town.

Our town was violated last Wednesday.

Voting is our right as Americans.

And while I do appreciate a good debate, I can’t imagine making time to speak to people who apparently are still struggling to get their


Who were these people? Why did they come to Cambria?

Why did they think we would applaud their hate-filled speech?

Don’t we have enough radical crazies? Do we have to import them?

Oh, and a little tip for the lady at the “I hate everyone table”:

Bring tissues, a lady does not put her fingers in her nose in public.

Victoria Krassensky Cambria

Poisoning minds

Today I experienced the misery of seeing racism at its worst, here on Main Street in Cambria.

Wednesday. Aug. 1, in front of the Bank of America building, two people had set up some sort of a makeshift table, flanked by two very large posters of President Obama depicted as Adolf Hitler.

I realize that we all have the right to our political choices, as well we should, but this display was disrespectful, disgusting and clearly racist. The people (?) manning this table referred to President Obama as a communist, an Arab, and un-American. The very worst part of it all was that they had some sort of a sign up sheet, and people were astonishingly signing this paper. Anyone who signed this could not possibly haved missed these large pictures of our president defaced by the Hitler mustache. The organization who was responsible for this table are cowards who hide behind political ideology to promote racism, and anyone who was there today could not possibly have missed this point.

I have lived peacefully in Cambria for 24 years and have never experienced anything like this before. I hope I never will again. I say to them, please stay out of our town. I know these were not residents of Cambria. It was a sorry attempt to poison minds, and spew their hatred.

Cindy Luis Cambria

Beauty in diversity

Kudos to Shirley Bianchi for her “My Turn” reflection in the July 19 issue. It was wonderful to hear about Shirley’s personal history in Cambria as well as her thoughts on the changing tides of ethnic diversity in the community. Unless we can trace our roots back to the Chumash people, we are all immigrants and relative newcomers to this beautiful place. Like the waves that are constantly changing Cambrias beaches, revealing and then obscuring different elements of that beauty, each new group brings something unique and irreplaceable to our community.

Thanks for giving us a personal take on that process, Shirley ---and thus broadening our perspectives and reminding us of the beauty found in diversity.

Gayll Phifer- Houseman Cupertino

A tasty Kitchen Tour

Another great event! So enjoyed the Kitchen Tour. Thank you to the owners for opening up your homes. And, thank you to the many volunteers for all your efforts and the wonderful array of food. Have not been disappointed yet in all the years we have been attending.

Sam & Patti Iacono Cambria

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