Blue ribbons worth mentioning

August 1, 2012 

I spotted a blue ribbon on one of the paintings that Daisy Witcosky entered in the Mid-State Fair — a very nice depiction of an antique truck that sits on a trailer on L Street.

She’s an accomplished artist in several different media. Her works are on display and for sale at the Country Diner on Mission Street. Also, I heard (through the grapevine, of course) that there were a couple of bales of hay, one oat and the other barley, sporting blue ribbons in the Ag Building.

The winner modestly wishes to remain anonymous, but you can see him at the San Miguel Flouring Mill.

• • •

It’s August and Pioneer Day Royalty will make their first public appearance at the annual San Miguel Lions Club Old Timers Picnic, to be held this year at noon, Aug. 26 in the San Miguel Park on K Street.

The San Miguel Lions are notable for serving one of the best chicken barbecues around, and everyone over 80 years old in attendance will receive the meal for free. Prizes are given to the oldest man and the oldest woman present.

• • •

Thanks to the owners of the property where a fire destroyed a small building downtown a few weeks ago. The site was quickly cleaned up and the debris taken away.

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