Letter: Double standard?

Grover BeachAugust 1, 2012 

Notice the outrage from the Democrats about Mitt Romney’s tax returns. Just read the article about how most lawmakers have not released their tax returns. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi states, “Romney’s not fit to even run for a cabinet position, let alone president.” Senate Leader Harry Reid says, “He’s not fit to be a dog catcher.”

Of course, Romney has released two years’ worth of tax returns. When asked to release their tax returns though, both Pelosi and Reid refused! What hypocrites. I guess neither Pelosi nor Reid qualify for Congress, let alone dog catcher.

There’s also a big uproar about Romney outsourcing jobs, yet you rarely hear about the largest outsourcer of jobs in our country. Yes, our government. Included in that outsourcing is sensitive guidance equipment for our missiles, submarines, etc. to “China.”

President Barack Obama talks about creating jobs for our country. Then why does he publicly announce that he will make it so difficult on our coal industry to build new plants or upgrade the existing ones that they will go bankrupt trying? Now we hear about layoffs in the coal industry. Great way to “create” jobs.

Romney released his college records. Why does Obama refuse to release his? Are there double standards for Democrats?

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