Letter: True goodness exists

ArizonaJuly 26, 2012 

My husband, Steve Tobin, passed away on July 19 from injuries sustained while riding his bike on Lake Nacimiento Road on July 9.

For those of us who suffer such a loss, it is the support, comfort and love of family and friends that help us through these incredibly difficult times. However, the act of Officer David Agredano, who was the CHP officer on the scene, is truly amazing.

Steve had an artificial left eye that popped out at the time of the accident. Two days after the accident, Officer Agredano went back to the scene, walked around the site and found the eye underneath some brush and dirt.

When he called to tell me this, Steve was still in ICU at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara. I was so overwhelmed that he would take the time out of what must be an incredibly busy schedule to go out and do this.

We must always remember during our own personal tragedies, and in the aftermath of the horror in Aurora, Colo., that true goodness does exist in the world. On behalf of myself and Steve’s family, my heartfelt thank you to Officer Agredano.

Please give everyone in your life an extra hug. Life is so fragile, and we do not know what the next minute may bring.

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