Changes with Advisory Council

July 13, 2012 

San Miguel Advisory Council elections were held last month to fill five seats. John McClure and Steve Christian were elected as new members. Jean Hoffmann, Noel Carpenter and Sharon Brower were re-elected.

The new board will meet for the first time on Wednesday, July 25, at 7 p.m. at the San Miguel Community Building behind the library by the park on K Street. Craig Rambo is chairman, Mike Sanders is vice chairman, Anthony Kalvans is secretary, John McClure is treasurer, Sharon Brower is publicist, Jean Hoffmann is historian, Steve Christian is member-at-large, and Noel Carpenter is an alternate.

The Council is an advisory body to the County Planning Department and the Board of Supervisors concerning planning, building and land-use in the San Miguel Sphere of Influence. The public is encouraged to attend, comment on items on and off the agenda and to bring community issues to the attention of the council and the county. • • •

Old Mission San Miguel pastor Father Ray Tintle was thrilled with the outpouring of friendship and love from the large crowd of fellow Franciscans, family, classmates and friends who attended his farewell party last Saturday afternoon. He said he thanks everyone from the bottom of his heart for their support and help during his tenure here. He was showered with many gifts and cards and “god-speed” wishes for his retirement.

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