The Fourth is always No. 1 in Cayucos

Special to The TribuneJuly 1, 2012 

Correction: This column has been edited to reflect that the Cayucos history calendar is a project of Friends of the Cayucos Library, which co-produced it with the Cayucos Chamber of Commerce. Proceeds will benefit the Cayucos Library.

In 1948 David and Marge Reinhart moved into their Cayucos home just in time to enjoy the first Cayucos Fourth of July parade.

Their new neighbor Steve Sullivan had recently retired from the Navy and told the newlyweds the parade would feature the Navy band.

Marge shared her fond memories:

“We had dinner at the Tavern the night before. It was the place to eat. There was a Navy frigate docked off the pier, and several sailors were eating there as well.

“They wanted to make sure we wouldn’t miss seeing the Navy band the next morning and said they would send us a message. At daybreak the frigate let off a low flying, loud shell that woke us all up. “I remember getting up and having coffee, then having more coffee before Bobbie Canet’s Coffee Counter opened up for breakfast.

“The parade started at the post office, turned right on Ocean Avenue around the block back to the post office. About 40 people watched, clapped and stood up and saluted when the American flag came by.

“Baton twirlers were the first entry, followed by a tractor-trailer draped in white with the Portuguese (festival) queen and her court aboard. They were followed by 20 to 25 members of the Navy band.

“That was it. They went around the block. Then they went around again. When the same group came by a third time, it was laughable. But each time we’d clap and stand up and salute.”

For this year, Marge said, “I will drive my 1976 Porsche for the Lady Lioness Mutt Mitt program again. President Janet Arnold will ride this year beginning at 10 a.m. Last year we had about 30,000 people at the parade. I look around and think we’ve come a long way since 1948.”

Cara Crye, publicity chair for the 88th Portuguese Celebration scheduled for July 14-15 in Cayucos, said, “It would have been the 1947 queen that rode on the float in the 1948 Fourth of July Parade. The queen was Mary (Soares) Perry.

“Fun fact, Mary’s granddaughter, Marina Perry, will be crowned the 2012 queen at next month’s celebration. Mary’s attendants were Eleanor (Bento) Garcia and Josephine (Garcia) Dickerson. Another fact, these two are my great aunts!”

Marge said if anyone is interested in Cayucos history, a historic calendar produced by the Friends of the Cayucos Library and the Cayucos Chamber of Commerce is being sold for $10 each with all the proceeds to benefit the Cayucos Library.

In another benefit for the library, there is an all-day screening at Cayucos Elementary School of the second remake of a parody on the 1959 horror movie, “The Monster of Piedras Blancas.” Tess Endersby, a Cayucos Elementary student, plays the lead role. Donations are only $2.

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