Letters to the Editor June 7

June 7, 2012 

Tragic deaths

There is a horrible situation occurring off the coast of Cambria and possibly beyond — something that is the antithesis of life on the Central Coast. In the past week I have discovered two dead dolphins (about 100 yards and four days apart) on the San Simeon beach (between the town of San Simeon and San Simeon campground and almost exactly where the grey whale was found dead a few weeks ago).

Both dolphins were shot with entrance and exit wounds clearly evident. Meanwhile, there has been a fishing boat sitting about a mile and a half out to sea. This is an appalling act — one can only imagine that if two dolphins have washed onto the shore — how many more have been killed?? The park rangers were notified and responded admirably.

The question remains whether there is any chance of apprehending these criminals. I can only hold out a slim hope that it is not a local fisherman who is acting in such a heinous manner — I have a hard time thinking that by purchasing locally caught fish and dining on locally fresh fish in restaurants we are supporting such behavior.

As a resident of the Central Coast, I like to think of the area as marked for its beauty in both the environment and the people that choose to live here. Looking out to the ocean and watching the gracefulness of these beautiful an intelligent creatures surf the waves is part of the magic. Lets not allow people’s greed to destroy the magic. Thank you,

William F. Alvarez, Ph.D.


Editor’s note: See also the news story on Page 3.

Not so fast

Before the CCSD Board gets too excited about decreased water demand and greater groundwater rights than the community is using — thanks to conservation measures and a slow economy that’s leaving a lot of houses vacant — let’s not just open the taps and start issuing permits.

What about the many unoccupied houses that will be using water in the future? What about all the houses on the market? What about the motels with so many vacancies?

When the economy picks up, when we suffer another significant drought, all of our “excess groundwater” and decreased demand will be gone fast.

A healthy economy is based on sustainability, and a healthy water supply is based on wise use and adequate storage capacity — we need more.

Let’s not spend all our money because we have a little change in our pockets.

Donald Archer


Many to thank

The Piedras Blancas Light Station Association (PBLSA) thanks everyone who attended the celebration of the Piedras Blancas Light Station — Past, Present, Future on June 2 at the Hearst Castle Theater.

The association extends its appreciation to everyone who supported this event and contributed to the restoration of the light station.

PBLSA is grateful to all association members, the Hearst Castle Theater management/staff, The Cambrian, individuals who purchased raffle tickets, plus persons who bought a glass of wine.

Generous donations were provided in Cambria by (Moonstone’s Cellars, Boni’s Tacos, Linn’s, Las Cambritas, Madeline’s, Cookie Crock Market Deli, Wild Ginger, Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill, Indigo Moon, French Corner Bakery, Red Moose Cookie Company, Alloco’s Italian Bakery, Barnes & Associates Realty, Jack Posemsky Real Estate, Gold Coast Realty and Among Friends; in San Simeon by Sebastian's Store & Deli, Cavalier Inn, El Chorlito, San Simeon Beach Bar & Grill, and Hearst Ranch Winery; Paso Robles/Pear Valley Winery; Harmony/Harmony Cellars Winery; and in San Luis Obispo by Target, Office Max, and Trader Joe’s. This event would not have been possible without all the volunteers who contributed their time and energetic team work!

This special celebration included a smorgasbord of tasty appetizers, wonderful music by local musicians (Jill Poulos, Scott Wright, Jim Boucher, Al Russco, and John Harmon), a comical dance rendition of “I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper” by the Piedras Blancas Rock-ettes, various raffle items (including a two-night stay at the former Piedras Blancas Keeper’s Cottage, now located along Moonstone Beach), plus overview information about the PBLSA and the Piedras Blancas Light Station.

The success of the event is a testament to our supportive community and its volunteer spirit. All the proceeds from the benefit aid preservation and restoration of the Piedras Blancas Light Station.

Thank You,

Abel Martinez

Piedras Blancas Light Station Association

Food for thought

Kudos are in order for Gym One for providing an outstanding workshop, “Brain Health: Use It or Lose It,” presented by Dr. Sanja S. Glassmeyer, Cal Poly professor emeritus, in May.

Lots of useful and practical information for seniors on how to maintain good mental functioning as we go through the aging process.

Robert Lennan


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