County planning to scope new bridge on Santa Rosa Creek Rd.

April 15, 2010 

A narrow, 88-year-old bridge on Main Street near Santa Rosa Creek Road could be replaced if the county Planning Department’s hearing officer approves the project at a meeting Friday, April 16.

The tentative-action hearing, which also will include reports on the project’s potential environmental impacts, is to be held in the county supervisors’ chambers, 1055 Monterey St., Room D170, San Luis Obispo.

The hearing was previously set for March 19 and April 2, but was delayed due to one hearing officer being ill, another having a conflict of interest and some issues about giving the public proper notice about the latter meeting.

Interested parties may request a full public hearing by submitting a letter to the Planning Department. For details on File DRC2009-00041, go to, or contact planner Airlin Singewald at 781-5600.

Planners say the longer, wider new bridge will have one bike lane on either side. The cast-in-place concrete bridge, 37.5-feet wide and 150 feet long, would span the creek, allowing more space for flood waters to flow underneath and no in-creek pillars to trap debris.

The project’s cost is estimated at $3.2 million.

A 988-square-foot addition to a 1,514-square-foot, two-story home at 1430 Pineridge Drive is also on the agenda. The proposed addition, which is to include a new living/dining room upstairs and a new garage on the lower level, would disturb about 800 square feet of an 8,256-square-foot parcel.

— Kathe Tanner

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