Sandi Peck-Guerrero: Missing since Oct. 14, 1994

February 26, 2010 

Sandra "Sandi" Ann Guerrero,48, of Atascadero missing since October 14, 1994. Her dog ran away from the ex-husband's house where she dropped it off.

Atascadero police have been stumped since 1994. The disappearance of 48-year-old Sandi Ann Peck-Guerrero left them with few clues.

The well-known lifelong Atascadero resident was last seen Oct. 14 while heading to Santa Barbara to see her ill daughter.

Earlier that day she dropped off her dog in Grover Beach with her ex-husband, with whom she had dinner. She left his house for Santa Barbara that evening but never arrived.

Ten days later the 1984 burgundy Subaru station wagon was found in a Santa Maria alley.

"Something happened," said Atascadero Police Lt. Carole Robinson. But detectives have never discovered exactly what.

Her luggage was in the car when it was found, but her purse and keys were missing. She had been carrying a couple thousand dollars from her ex-husband to pay bills and repay money owed to her ex-boyfriend, Robinson said, with whom she had recently ended an abusive relationship.

But her ex-boyfriend and ex-husband were interviewed and never named as suspects.

An anonymous note led investigators to search property near Orcutt for her body, but nothing was ever discovered.

The case grew cold after three years. Detectives review it annually.

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