‘New’ softball coach takes helm at Coast

‘New’ softball coach takes helm at Coast

February 25, 2010 

New Coast Union softball coach Rocky Fordyce first got involved in the sport several years ago when he played in the Cambria summer league for Bob & Jan’s Bottleshop team. But, unfortunately, his softball career got put on hold when he was hit by a Jet Ski in 1997.

Fordyce, a resident of Cambria since 1967 and coach of the Coast Union girl’s softball team for the years 1983-1997, is back with great expectations. This year’s team features the most players –27 are out for softball –that have participated in a long time.

Plus, many players are returning from last year and they hope to carry the team with their high spirits and positive attitudes. Ask Fordyce what he believes the strengths of this team will be and he answers, “Having players with really positive attitudes and who transition easily.”

Not to mention, he expects Ashlyn Silva (wearing No. 11) to be a strong pitcher; Silva has been practicing overtime to get ready for this years season, with coaching help from district superintendent Chris Adams, an experienced softball pitcher and player who helped the team last season as well.

The values that coach Fordyce holds high — and expects his players to adhere to — are good softball etiquette, treating other teams with respect, and having a great team spirit. The 2010 team has a lot of players who have never held a bat — let alone a softball — in their hands but they are getting better each day “absorbing the fundamentals” as Fordyce phrases it.

The coach expects players to have a good balance between loving softball, enjoying competition, and making friends with teammates. This Coast Union team and the returning coach have the spirit of the underdog, but Fordyce likes it like that. “We're going to surprise a lot of people,” he stated.

The team takes on Dos Palos at Coast Union Saturday, Feb. 27, at 11 a.m. in an opening scrimmage.

—Alexis Scrivner, special to The Cambrian

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