The gear

February 21, 2008 

Brian is paddling his own Ocean Kayak Prowler 15, Angler Edition. Joe is paddling a Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro from Good Clean Fun in Cayucos, and Beau is taking out a Cobra Tourer from Kayak Horizons.


* Garmin eTrex Legend GPS

* Lieca D-Lux 3 Digital Camera * Cannon Elph Digital Camera

* Uniden MH120 VHF Marine Radio

* HawkEye Fish Finder

* Cell phones

Paddling gear

* MTI Adventurewear Dorado PFDs

* Cobra Tourer (Beau)

* Ocean Kayak Prowler (Brian)

* Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro (Joe)

* Dry bags

* Bilge pump, sponge

* Kayak cart

* Paddling gloves

* Paddles

Common camping gear:

* first-aid kit

* compass

* waterproof flashlight

* lantern

* headlamp

* matches

* whistle

* flares

* cell phones

* tents

* sleeping bags

* freeze-dry backpacking food

* fishing poles and tackle

* water hydration packs

* backpacking stove

* cook set

* flashlights

* multi-tool

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